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June 15, 2021

Peter Longo

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Steve August
June 14, 2021
Tom Anderson
August 13, 2019
Andy Greenawalt
August 13, 2019

Andy Reischer

Andy is an incredibly experienced CTO with decades of experience delivering innovative software solutions to complex real world problems.

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Gareth Cuddy

An experienced SaaS entrepreneur and sales leader with experience scaling startups and managing 200m+ sales budgets.

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Dave Audibert

Dave is an experienced startup CFO with a number of successful exits as well as venture fund experience. 

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John Orrange

John is a polyglot senior software architect and developer with decades focused on data modeling, NLP, machine learning, and visual…

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Matt Manzella

Tom H. C. Anderson is a recognized authority and pioneer in the intersection of text analytics and market research. 

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Dr Malgorzata Kolling

A mass media researcher turned psychologist turned UX researcher and data scientist. 

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