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A Different Approach.

Actionable Stories, No Dumb Dashboards

Every day Storyhub finds and surfaces important insights in a simple Newsfeed.
It never stops seeking out new risks and opportunities, surfacing them to you when you need them most.

A Newsfeed that gets you ahead of the day

Storyhub runs thousands of experiments each day to find and deliver important stories about your Customers.

Simple daily stories like our CX Vitals rate your performance each day by combining the metrics contained in individual apps like Zendesk, Stella, and more.

You'll love checking your Newsfeed each day to make sure you're not missing anything.

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“If you turn data into a story that anybody can read, contextualize and understand, then the team can focus on what to drive.”
Matt C. Head of CS

Stop Firefighting and and get Pro-active.

Early Warning Stories are created by constantly monitoring the data in all your applications.

Storyhub looks for variations and changes in how your company is performing and most importantly, how your Customers are feeling.

EWS give you the time and insights needed to deploy your resources and address issues before they arise.

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“I rely on Storyhub every day to make sure nothing gets behind me.” Ben S, Director CX

Actionable Insights you can actually Act on!

Because Storyhub is connected to all the apps you already use, it makes sense for your team to be able to act on our insights.

So you can share or assign stories to team members and they can click right through and address the issues.

You'll cut down on meetings and get issues resolved faster. Our easy-to-understand stories are accessible by all and the next steps are obvious.

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“Stories are 20X more memorable than facts alone. ” Andy, founder

Works with the Tools you already use.

Simple integrations to CX and ecommerce tools make setup quick and easy.

Behind the Scenes: StoryOps

The StoryOps team delivers on our guarantee by combining Business Knowhow, Data Science Magic, Human Understanding and Creativity.

We're Business Minded

As experienced operators and business builders, StoryOps business experts understand the business issues we're looking for, their impact and likely actions to take.

We're People People

With a PhD in psychology, we understand how customers think and communicate, which is critical to understanding the issues of your customers experience.

We're Data Pioneers

As award winning pioneers in text analytics, PhDs and patented inventors, we have decades of experience and the data chops to find more.

We're Storytellers

We understand that no insight is valuable until it's understood. Our data journalist work to craft stories that bring issues into focus as simply as possible.

Customers love Storyhub

Storyhub is helping CX Leaders make better decisions, faster.

Storyhub is now a key part of my morning ritual.

“So simple and incredibly useful.

“The stories are always interesting and relevant.”

“Storyhub makes my decisions easy.
Not sure how I worked without it before.

"I used to wait weeks for analysis. I can now log in every day for new stories!

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