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Storyhub's news feed gives you the information you need to make decisions without waiting for expensive data science teams or wrestling with excel spreadsheets.

A simple framework for  customer-obsessed leaders

Each story is designed to provide an immediate understanding of any issue or risk and clear next steps to resolve them.
  1. 1

    The Problem

    Each Headline is designed to be understood easlly with a further explanation below.

    Using our proprietary, patented techniques we can find important hidden signals from your customers and translate them into stories with solutions.
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    The Solution

    Taking into account the specifics of your business and the industry, our team of talented business analysts recommend possible solutions to the problem.

    These are guides and you can choose to use our suggestions or use your own.
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    Share and Personalize

    Each story is designed to be easy to share and work on. Share with anyone of your team with a simple click on the share icon.

    You can also personalize the stories you get - simply upvote or downvote stories based on how interesting you find them.

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Storyhub is helping CX Leaders make better decisions, faster.

Storyhub is now a key part of my morning ritual.

“So simple and incredibly useful.

“The stories are always interesting and relevant.”

“Storyhub makes my decisions easy.
Not sure how I worked without it before.

"I used to wait weeks for analysis. I can now log in every day for new stories!

How Stories are Made

A mixture of Data Science and Human Creation.

Getting the Facts

We combine and normalize all customer data, pulled from a wide variety of applications and tools including customer service platforms, retail data, review platforms, CRM's, and much more..

Data Fingerprints

Friction hub interactions create unique fingerprints we track to determine the best path to Customer happiness.

Continuous Monitoring

Continuously analyzing for anomalies and hidden patterns with our patented AI technology. We use competing methodologies and huge computing power to find compelling customer interactions.

Actionable Stories

We take these fingerprints to create specific stories.

Stories let anyone understand the issue, its impact, and the best next steps. Delivered in a regular news feed.

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