Always-on analytics for the customer obsessed.

Simple stories mined from your
customer data surfacing hidden issues to make sure you're never blindsided again.

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Stay One Step Ahead

By curating all of your customer information in an easy-to-digest daily news feed Storyhub can help you be more prepared.

Never be Blindsided Again
Stop fighting fires. We monitor your data 24/7 to mine for hidden risks and opportunities. Always-on, turn-key integrations. 
Act Faster
All of your customer data presented in easy-to-understand stories that are ready for you to act on. No more searching or researching.
Be Confident
Stories are created from data experiments, consistently modeled and validated to give you the certainty to make decisions. No more guesswork.

The risks of bad experience to your business

25 $B
Lost each year due to poor customer service
0 %
People who switch brands after 1 negative experience
The people an American tells about a bad experience

The Easiest Analytics Ever 

Unlike traditional Business Intelligence (BI) or analyics, Storyhub is constantly learning against all of your data, It never stops seeking out new risks and opportunities, surfacing them to you when you need them most.
In the simplest medium possible – stories that everyone will understand.

Decision ready stories about your customers

Storyhub understands your business to find and deliver the stories that matter the most to your customers.

Thousands of data experiments running 24/7/365 detect stories in the data and are delivered in your newsfeed.

Stories present important issues so they are easily consumed, include the context to understand and suggests next actions or decisions.

Each story is designed to take all the relevant data and present as an easy to understand story, giving you suggested next actions.

With native sharing tools, such as liking and commenting, Storyhub is built to get your customer team aligned and engaged.

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“If you turn data into a story that anybody can read, contextualize and understand, then the team can focus on what to drive.”
Matt C. Head of CS

A regular Newsfeed you'll love to read

Storyhub delivers a regular feed of the stories it thinks you're interested in. It's a super easy way to consume all of the data your business generates.

Some will be critical and highlighted, others are designed to increase your overall understanding of your business but may not need action.

The newsfeed automatically adjusts to your likes and dislikes and you can save and track the stories you;re interested in following.

With native sharing tools, such as liking and commenting, Storyhub is built to get your team aligned and engaged.

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“Stories are 20X more memorable than facts alone. ” Andy G, Founder

Trusted by some of the world's leading brands

Less Looking, More Doing.

Simple integrations to CX and ecommerce tools make setup quick and easy.





Scales with your business

Storyhub works with every type of Direct to Consumer company. From Startups to billion dollar corporations. If you have business questions you’re struggling to answer and need a way to make better decisions then Storyhub is for you.


Storyhub is a new concept and we’re sure you have some questions. Disclaimer – we don’t have all the answers yet. But we’re excited to partner with some great companies to fill in the blanks!

Absolutely. We take the privacy and security of your data very seriously.

We are fully GDPR and CCPA compliant and never store any sensitive customer information or PII.

We also have state of the art security though AWS etc etc 

If you've got it, we'll connect to it! We can connect to any type of database or software tool.

Our customers typically connect Storyhub to their transactional, support, review and product information so we can give them the best possible stories.

Right now (June 21) Storyhub is in beta. We are actively seeking customers to test out Storyhub and provide feedback.

If you're interested, get in touch and we can talk!

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