CX Daily Briefing

Start your day with the CX Daily Briefing 

Everything you need to own your day and create exceptional customer experiences

    What it looks like

    CX Forecast – what your day looks like

    Prepare for Today
    Prediction models take everything into account, from historical and seasonal trends, to yesterdays sales to let you be prepared.
    Get a sense of the week ahead
    As with all forecasts, things are dynamic, but it’s great tool to think about the week ahead.
    Learn from other CX leaders

    Crowd sources with great CX leaders across the industry, you’ll get protips on dealing with the day ahead, whatever it holds.

    Early Warning – Know quicker so you can act faster

    Tracking & trending everything
    Continuous analytics powers our Early Warning stories, by tracking thousands of signals behind the scenes. When something goes wrong, you’ll know first.
    Business smart
    Because we track all orders, products and customer lifetime value, we let you know the dollars and cents of emerging issues
    Better choices come from knowing sooner

    Early Warning will bring issues to the surface days, weeks or even months sooner than before. This means there’s less impact on customers and the business

    From knowing to doing in One Click

    Storyhub is connected to the tools you use, to let you take action now.

    You can access, trends, groups and Individual tickets so you can share and get issues resolved faster. 

    Success Stories

    Here are some of the CX Leaders benefitting from the CX Daily Briefing.
    “They changed the game”
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