Less Digging, More Doing

The Insights You need to deliver better Customer Experiences.
Every Day.

No more dumb dashboards or waiting in line for data science teams.

Storyhub Makes your Zendesk Gorgias Kustomer Shopify Klaviyo Customer Data Useful

Storyhub is designed to help you find your biggest fans and keep them. Identify the key magic moments that convert them.

24/7 monitoring of your Ecommerce data, served up daily with clear next steps.
Never be blindsided again.

Storyhub identifies customers who are unhappy and may churn so you can intervene faster and save the relationship.

Online Brands operate at hyper speed but with an underlying common DNA.
Storyhub has mapped the DTC genome

Flat dashboards and waiting for data teams doesn't cut it in 2023.
Storyhub delivers CX insights fresh every day.

Storyhub is designed to get to know your business better with every transaction and interaction.

Way more useful. Every day.

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Storyhub is more than a
product. It’s a partnership with your brand¬†
to build happier customers and a more sustainable future.

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Storyhub will increase your
repeat customer conversion
rate by 10%, Guaranteed.


Stronger Together

Storyhub was built to get
smarter with every question
asked, experiment run and
brand that joins.