Your CX action plan. Delivered Daily

Connected to the tools you already use, Storyhub is your smart assistant for all your CX plans and strategy. 

Stories for every situation.

Daily Vitals tracks your performance in one place.

With all the tools, data and dashboards available, it can be hard to show the impact CX has on the entire business.

Storyhub combines the data, metrics and economics to bring CX performance into focus. All customized for you and your business.

You'll love checking your Newsfeed each day to make sure you're not missing anything.

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“I rely on Storyhub every day to make sure nothing gets behind me.” Ben S, Director CX

Daily Forecast lets you always be prepared.

No-one likes being blind-sided and having to fight fires every day.

Knowing whats coming down the line is key to being ready to deliver great customer experiences.

Storyhub's advanced data modelling with your sales, support, product and marketing data Let's you know what's coming.

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“Knowing where and when to deploy your resources is the key to winning CX.” Andy, founder

Early Warnings help you stop firefighting and get pro-active.

Early Warning Stories are created by constantly monitoring the data in all your applications.

Storyhub looks for variations and changes in how your company is performing and most importantly, how your Customers are feeling.

EWS give you the time and insights needed to deploy your resources and address issues before they get out of hand.

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“I rely on Storyhub every day to make sure nothing gets behind me.” Ben S, Director CX

Customer Rescue Stories let you step-in to save the day.

Storyhub combines all of your data to identify unhappy and at-risk customers so you can step in and deliver better experiences.

You can share or assign stories to team members and they can click right through and address the issues in the tools already use.

You'll cut down on meetings and get issues resolved faster. Our easy-to-understand stories are accessible by all and the next steps are obvious.

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“If you turn data into a story that anybody can read, contextualize and understand, then the team can focus on what to drive.”
Matt C. Head of CS

Hundreds of new stories added each month......

Works with the Tools you already use.

Simple integrations to CX and ecommerce tools make setup quick and easy.

Hyper Social to get stuff done.

Stories are designed to get your team on the same page. Cut back on meetings and memos and get right to the root of what needs to be resolved.
Share stories, insights and more with your team members so that they can act faster and give your customers the experiences they deserve.
Whether it’s Slack, Teams, Monday, Trello or more, deliver stories to wherever your team are.

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